With more than 25 years experience leading teams in a challenging and high profile environment, Hannah appreciates the nuanced demands of a leadership role.  She has successfully led every combination of team from small multi faceted teams, large highly structured teams and teams working remotely.  Working on the front line of network television production, Hannah has produced the highest quality output for some of the country's biggest TV brands -DIYSOS, Sport Relief, Food & Drink, Secret Britain and The Hairy Bikers. All these brands require both protection and development whilst retaining audience loyalty. 


Charismatic, experienced and accomplished, Hannah's approach to training and facilitation is engaging, challenging and supportive. She expects her delegates to be stretched to their full potential.  Values, the power of challenge, the importance of kindness and real and present feedback are key components of Hannah's leadership style.  She is authentic, enthusiastic and intuitive and believes in the power of personal disclosure. Her ambition is that delegates experience enhanced self awareness, an increase in personal and professional confidence and feeling more empowered as a leader during a time of fast moving change. She can work with you to develop and design training or can come on board to facilitate or co-facilitate an existing programme.


Hannah is a confident creative facilitator.  As a programme maker working in a leadership role she has an excellent track record of finding new ways to tell old stories, generate solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and build confidence amongst leaders to enable them to encourage creativity within their teams.  Hannah can help identify the roadblocks to creative problem solving by:  


• Defining the challenges

• Generating and developing ideas in response
• Identifying the factors that enhance creativity
• Encouraging a creative mind-set within a team and applying these skills to real-world scenarios.