Hannah’s clear, thoughtful and consistent approach - which could at times be quite provocative and challenging - pushed me to work out different ways to tackle some of the challenges that lay ahead.  The sessions were full of surprises and I felt Hannah unlocked a lot of what was blocking me or causing me to doubt my abilities. Network Radio Producer





Albert Einstein said "the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result". Coaching breaks that cycle by challenging and supporting you to manage yourself and your work more effectively.


There are three coaching programmes to choose from:


  1. Executive Coaching Programme: Starting with a one to one chemistry session and a 3 way between the business nominator, coach and coachee, this programme consists of 12 hours of coaching with a session every 3-4 weeks.  It is then possible to re-contract for an ongoing and sustaining partnership which builds on existing trust and rapport and offers quarterly coaching check ins and sessions as required across the year.

  2. Transitional Coaching Programme for leaders new to a role: As above but with a more directional and intense approach to offer the appropriate support over a shorter time period and with more frequency i.e. a session every week or two weeks in the first weeks after appointment into a new position.

  3. Vision Daythis award winning Positive Vision Day is based on a successful and proven methodology that is ideal as a standalone or to kick-start an executive coaching programme. Rooted in the principles of positive psychology, it consists of 12 well-structured values and strengths driven exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking and visioning. It challenges and supports clients to be more productive and become stronger leaders by aligning them to clear and focused self-generated goals. The positive psychology approach builds on an individual’s strengths and increases resourcefulness by raising awareness of the lure of negative bias and works towards developing offsetting strategies.  The programme is perfect for any senior level executive keen to vision their entire career, role in the company, or the year ahead for a new project. It gives senior leaders a chance to crystallise their vision for the future. It is also particularly good for high potential individuals, those at crossroads, have lost their energy or confidence, or need a high-impact intervention. It is also perfect for those who cannot commit to a long-term coaching programme.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Hannah is accredited to deliver an emotional intelligence psychometric that enhances the performance of individuals and leaders and creates sustainable change.  In both the executive coaching programme and the transitional coaching programme, it is possible - and often recommended - that the client complete the emotional intelligence questionnaire to create their EI Profile (EIP).  This profile can help shape the direction of the coaching programme and offers a reflective tool with which to raise self awareness and responsibility for generating solutions to the questions the feedback raises.

360 FEEDBACK: 360 feedback can be an incredibly powerful tool as part of a transformational coaching programme. It enables the coachee to understand views and evaluations on their performance from a range of different people who observe their behaviour.  Hannah can direct a 360 exercise with nominated direct report, peers and manager and disseminate the feedback with the coachee to generate positive outcomes as part of the coaching programme.


It is important to note that the content of the sessions is always confidential. This is an important rule of engagement to ensure you are able to open up as much as possible in the sessions.