With a busy schedule I wanted to concentrate on finding strategic solutions to move forward in the most effective way. Hannah was very helpful in challenging me to come up with my own solutions, think bigger, reminding me where my passion lies, therefore enabling me to make decisions that work for me. I have learned a lot from these sessions and would be contacting her in the future! DIRECTOR: ARTS AGENCY


During the 10 hours I spent with Hannah I learned more about myself than I have in a lifetime! The sessions were insightful, empowering, challenging and extremely thought provoking. Hannah does not offer the answers – she enables you to find them for yourself which makes them all the more powerful and effective. The sessions have been transformative – and thanks to Hannah, I feel far more confident and excited about my future and the choices that I will make.  BBC TV PRESENTER


The coaching sessions with Hannah have had a tremendous impact on the way I work. By helping me confront my fears and identify my strengths, I found the sessions pushed me out of my comfort zone which felt very empowering. Hannah’s a great coach who makes a complex process feel effortless and natural.


I was initially sceptical about what a series of coaching sessions could and would give me as I had a lot of concerns about the new role I was taking on.  Looking back, it was a remarkable experience, it gave me a huge amount of confidence and the things I learned about myself and how I could work more cleverly and perceptively have stayed with me.  I would recommend her very highly.


Hannah’s style of questioning, challenging and the various exercises she uses to draw out the best solutions and to get the very best out of me and the sessions, were excellent.  They gave me a greater understanding of how best to approach the challenges I faced in my new role and to understand the full nature of those challenges.  From being unsure about the value of coaching, I now champion the benefits of it to my team, colleagues and peers.  Highly recommended

In just 5 sessions Hannah helped me to identify and deal with some unhelpful but very deep rooted assumptions and tap into a much more creative mindset. She was very supportive but also adept at challenging my thinking in ways that helped me to develop a positive and realistic way of being my authentic self at work.

Hannah was a constant source of strength and support throughout our coaching partnership. She has had a substantial positive impact on my professional life.  She was able to give assistance and insight in all work and wider situations  - but always with the focus keenly on helping me find my own solutions.  Six months after completing our programme, I am still using her techniques and wisdom every day.

Hannah's patience, clarity of thought and untangling of the many issues I faced, enabled me to step back from a difficult situation and assess my options with a clear mind. Most valuable was her attention to detail in drawing out the real issues at play both within the organisation, with my co-workers and myself. I learnt a great deal, very quickly.