Hannah has an abundance of enthusiasm, energy and joy in all she does. As a trainer and facilitator she’s a compelling story teller - which is no surprise as she’s been in charge of some of the country’s best known, story led television series. She draws on her extensive experience working with groups and she uses her coaching expertise liberally. She inspires transformational learning and does it with authenticity. She builds trusting relationships quickly and is a joy to work with. I always learn something new and laugh a lot! Manager, Coaching and Personal Development BBC Academy

facilitator: noun  fa·cil·i·ta·tor \fə-ˈsi-lə-ˌtā-tər\

one that helps to bring about an outcome (learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision 

An external facilitator can be a powerful tool to maximise impact and output in meetings, group sessions, training or brainstorms. It takes skill and experience to keep a group engaged, focussed and on track as well as manage emerging dynamics or existing internal politics that might get in the way of the best outcome.


They offer new ways of thinking about existing issues, reading group dynamics and using targeted and empowering questioning to engage each person in the room. Participants in a well facilitated meeting or training session will think outside their comfort zone, be challenged to engage in brave thinking and develop new ideas and strategies.