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Training &

Leading Creative People

One day practical and interactive training course in 5 parts covering:

  • Recruitment: how to choose the right people to do the best job

  • Team dynamics: how to ensure that teams bond and work successfully together

  • Feedback: how to give and receive feedback that makes a difference

  • Developing others: the power of listening and asking questions

  • First 100 Days: How to make an impact in a new role or job

Coaching Skills for Leaders

One day practical and interactive course to help leaders get the best out of their teams covering:

  • Listening skills

  • Tools and techniques for raising self-awareness and responsibility in teams

  • Creating high functioning teams

Powerhouse Partnerships

One day interactive course on using leadership skills to create a high functioning job share:

  • Applying the principles of good design to job sharing

  • A shared understanding of best practice leadership tools

  • How to apply leadership skills to working in partnership

  • How to work authentically and as ‘one voice’

Respect at Work

Two hour workshops that can be delivered in person or online:

  • Tackling harassment and bullying in the workplace

  • Understanding and tackling unconscious bias

  • ​All day long courses cost £1200 per day

  • Workshops are charged at £350 

  • Bespoke design is charged at delivery rate

  • Outcomes and objectives can be adapted to suit the bespoke needs of the organisation.

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