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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching 

Awareness and responsibility are states of mind, and mindset is the level at which performance coaching works. Hannah's coaching style is founded on her belief in our innate resourcefulness. She is an honest, creative and positive person who works in partnership with her clients. She supports and challenges them to take ownership of their personal and professional development - tackling issues such as motivation, resilience and self-management. Hannah focuses on strengths, successes and possibilities whilst challenging both the behaviours displayed publicly, and the internal motivators and inhibitors that prevent us being our best selves.​

  • Small businesses (up to 49 employees)

£250 for 90-minutes (minimum 4 sessions)

£150 Emotional Intelligence Psychometric

£300 2-hour feedback session

  • Large organisation (50+ employees)

Bespoke quotation available upon request

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